‘Wake up the pope’ - A Dallas jury’s historic verdict against a pedophile priest shook the Catholic Church.

  • ‘Let’s talk after all’ - A veteran investigative reporter recounts ‘one of the strangest interviews ever.’
  • A troubling gift - When she retired, this lawyer donated her vast files on predatory priests to a group that aids victims.

David Ryter/Reuters                              

An unholy fear - Nationwide rallies by an anti-Muslim hate group warn that ‘Shariah law’ is around the corner for Americans.

The old blue car - Selling our son’s first car meant saying goodbye to much, much more.

Kid brother no more - Thriving suburbs compete with big cities for businesses and young residents.

Driving in Dallas: A newcomer's guide - You're not 'back home' anymore.

Let’s level the playing field - U.S. Soccer treats women as second-class citizens, and everyone in the sport knows it.

Talking turkey - A visit with the third-generation owner of Greenberg Smoked Turkeys in Tyler, Texas.

From briefcase to brushes - At 76, a real estate lawyer pursues his true passion - art.



Dallas police shootings

The Dallas Morning News was a 2017 Pulitzer Prize Finalist for its ‘timely, vivid and heartbreaking’ coverage of a downtown ambush that killed five police officers. The Pulitzer entry was limited to 10 stories; I was the editor of two of them:

Tom Fox/The Dallas Morning News                              

The Moment

The Moment was an occasional Dallas Morning News series ‘about everyday people at meaningful times in their lives.’ I helped create the feature, then edited all but one installment over its 11-month run. Three examples:

  • Answering the call - Through round after round of the NFL draft, a Texas football star waits. And waits.
  • Goodbye, Egan Hamish - The family did everything possible for an aging, beloved German shepherd. Finally, it was time.
  • Nicole takes a stand -  A battered wife steels herself for her day in court, where something unexpected happens.


Shelter from the fog - A 93-year-old Alzheimer’s patient doesn’t understand why lawyers for a huge brokerage firm want to seize her home.

Rose Baca/The Dallas Morning News                           

Juli’s home - When a Dallas Morning News reporter was sworn in as a U.S. citizen, I urged her to write this first-person account, which I edited. It ran on the front page the next morning.

Carlos Antonio Rios/Houston Chronicle                              

Portrait of a serial killer - After nearly 20 years, an imprisoned truck driver led authorities to the bodies of the young women he’d murdered and buried along the highway. One question remains: Why?

Omar the tire man - When a gunman walked into Omar’s Wheels & Tires looking for Muslims to kill, he quickly learned that he’d messed with the wrong Muslim.